The BDG story


-Based out of Bend, Oregon-
delivering a crucial blend of rock, soul, jam and americana with Powerful, soul-gripping, transcendental melodies, truly inspired by our place in and reflection of this crazy and beautiful world.


From humble beginnings in 2008, the band has always been led by the talented and driven singer/songwriter/guitarist Stacie Lynn Johnson, known for her soulful, powerhouse vocals and passionately inspired melodies. Backed by absolutely jaw dropping guitar work from Conner Bennett, all five members of this fun and hard-working group write and interpret the music flawlessly, creating a truly unique sound all their own. AJ Blum, founding member and band manager, is fulfilling the band's quota on body buzzing bass riffs that are fluid and ever-evolving. With the addition of Aaron "Mystic" Chambers' lyrical skills on the mic and percussion, the sound is forever spinning in a fresh direction, and adding a new male/female vocal dynamic for Stacie and Mystic to intertwine. And newest member, Patrick Smith, is rounding out the rhythm section with edgy yet finely-tuned tempos. Expect intricately explosive soloing from both drummers. Broken Down Guitars was Bend, Oregon's Last Band Standing in 2012 and has been beckoned to play venues such as the Bend's Les Schwab Amphitheater, multiple McMenamin's locations throughout Oregon, the 4 Peaks Music Festival, and is currently expanding its range into the rest of the Pacific Northwest. Overall, this band likes to have fun, a quality BDG brings to every show.


Stacie is from Portland, OR and started Broken Down Guitars with AJ in 2008. Growing up she had an early interest in music and was heavily involved in musical theatre. Stacie stared in several musical theatre productions including 'Annie Get Your Gun', 'Fiddler On The Roof', and ' Bye Bye Birdie', as well as singing in Concert Choir and the elite vocal group at her high school, The Troubadours. "It consider myself lucky to have grown up in a school district that financially supported the arts and performance, and continue to today". Stacie also performed in the Jazz Choir at Southern Oregon University under the direction of Kirby Shaw in 2002-2003. Stacie started playing guitar at age 15 but it wasn't until after high school that she became especially interested in live music. In 2004, Stacie moved to Bend where she completed her Outdoor Recreation degree from OSU-Cascades. Her first live performance with just her guitars was in 2006 while on a study abroad program in Argentina, and the rest is history. Currently, Stacie owns and operate Blazing Trails Tours, a cannabis tour company in Bend, OR. She can be reached at


AJ Blum grew up in Sacramento, CA. Music has always been a strong pull in AJ's life. He picked up music young, playing the piano in grade school. High school witnessed the grunge revolution, which heavily influenced AJ. He loved heavy guitar riffs and dark overtones. During his college years in Wisconsin, AJ developed a strong taste for Classic Rock and Jam bands. With artists such as the Stones and Widespread Panic running through his brain along with who knows what else AJ picked up the guitar. IN 2005, AJ moved to Bend, OR where he soon met Stacie and started jamming. The result of those original jams was Broken Down Guitars. He is pushing his music higher. He can be reached at


CONNER bennett

Spending most of his life in Oregon, Conner is inspired by the outdoors. Maneuvering in and out of different hobbies and passions over the years, Conner found that music is his most profound passion, and the one which he chooses to per sue everyday.